How to Run for Office

Running for Office is Hard Work

It’s even harder when you’re a Republican running for the first time, or running for re-election with a limited budget.

You don’t want to pay a campaign consultant, but you also need some assistance to win. You need advice, tools and proven templates. That’s where EquipGOP comes in.

EquipGOP helps Republican candidates running for local office learn the tactics and strategy you need to win.

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Let’s be clear. EquipGOP doesn’t have any social media BS about tweeting your way to victory.

We’re not going to tell you to get more Facebook Likes than your opponent.

What you will get is valuable, actionable advice, and tactics.

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How to Run for Office

The decision to run for office shouldn’t be taken lightly. The articles below will help you and your family when making this important decision.

You want to make the best decisions with your time and money. Learn how to motivate your volunteers and spend wisely on campaign materials.

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Door-to-door is one of the best ways to meet voters. It’s one of the core tactics used by winning candidates.

If you are serious about winning, you must read, The Unstoppable Door-to-Door System

Many small campaigns overlook get-out-the-vote (GOTV). They think the state, or county GOP will take care of it, but are surprised when GOTV activity is focused on top of the ticket races.

Don’t make this mistake. Below are some highly effective, low cost GOTV tactics you can implement in your campaign.

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