About the company

Trevor BragdonHi, I’m Trevor Bragdon, the founder of EquipGOP.

Every election cycle I meet smart, hardworking Republicans who are running for the first time but don’t know where to start.  They ask questions like:

How do I give a campaign speech?

What’s the best way to do door-to-door?

What issues will voters ask about?

How do I order lawn signs and campaign materials?

What should I do for GOTV (get out the vote)?

These are great questions and the goal of EquipGOP is to provide local Republican candidates with proven tactics and training so you can win on Election Day.

In the past decade, I’ve worked on over 65 campaigns including presidential, legislative, and citizen referendums. During the 2014 cycle, I worked running GOTV and voter registration experiments in 23 states for Americans for Prosperity.  I’ve learned what works to win, and I want to share it with you.

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Who is EquipGOP designed for?

Smart, hardworking Republican candidates – you’re ready to do the hard work to win, but you just need to be pointed in the right direction.

Fiscally conservative candidates – you practice what you preach and are the same fiscal hawk about your campaign budget as you are about a government budget.

Who is EquipGOP not designed for?

Stone Age candidates – people who can’t figure out how to watch a YouTube video or open a PDF.

Lazy candidates – people who don’t actually want to work or talk to voters.

Jerk candidates – the ones who don’t do any work then blame everyone else when they lose (we all know them).

Conspiracy Theory candidates – if you believe the lunar landing was fake or Elvis is still alive, then tinfoil hats might be a better bang for your buck.

Liberals/Progressives/Democrats – they already have the media, SEIU, Teamsters and the IRS. They don’t need help.