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About EquipGOP

Hi, I’m Trevor Bragdon, the founder of EquipGOP. Every election cycle I meet smart, hardworking Republicans who are running for the first time but don’t know where to start.

The goal of EquipGOP is to provide local Republican candidates and activists with proven tactics and training so you can win on Election Day.

This site shares science-based ideas to create superior GOP candidates, activists and campaigns.

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Check out our How to Run for Office page for the latest articles and training on running for office.



GOTV: Scripts, Tips and Tactics

Our free guide teaches you the latest get out the vote tactics and proven GOTV scripts for your campaign. GOTV is a topic that can easily fill hundreds of pages. We’ve boiled it down to 26 pages, so you can maximize your time and resources. Don’t let the Left beat you at GOTV, sign up to get your free copy today.

You wil learn…

  • How to use the Obama campaign’s GOTV tactics on your Republican campaign
  • What does and doesn’t work for GOTV so you don’t waste time and money
  • Proven GOTV scripts to use immediately in your campaign

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